Beyond Imagination at YGGDRAZIL

When clients visualize any motion content, we want them to think about YGGDRAZIL.”

A Thai creative digital content studio reveals how it stands out in the creative world.

Thai digital content providers are widely recognized in the global market and one of best is YGGDRAZIL Group, a creative studio offering a wide range of digital content to global clients.

“When clients visualize any motion content, we want them to think about YGGDRAZIL,” Tanat Juwiwat, CEO of YGGDRAZIL Group says.

Founded in 2006, the company started with producing TV commercials and now has four core businesses: TV commercials, animations, games and full production.

“Our mission is not only to work up to clients’ standards, but to try our best to go beyond their expectations and imagination,” says Juwiwat. “By providing outsourcing services to our foreign clients, we get know-how from them. We have learned how they think and how they work. Currently, we have clients in many countries, such as Germany, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia.”

Juwiwat adds that his company stands at the forefront in the fast-moving industry because of its world-class quality work.

“When international clients want to outsource their work to companies in other countries, they are looking for a company that is reliable and provides quality services that meet their demands. More importantly, we never compromise over the confidentiality of our clients’ information,” Juwiwat explains. “We understand that each project has its unique structure, for example animation is different from film or TV commercials. Therefore, our team is flexible in order to ensure we can deliver the perfect final work to the clients.”

This approach has seen the company reap its fair share of awards both domestically and internationally, scooping the Cannes Lions, Media Asian Advertising, Asia Pacific Advertising, ADMAN B.A.D. and Prime Minister’s Export Award 2015 (PM Award).

Moreover, Juwiwat recognizes the importance of owning the IP of the company’s products, hence in 2017, YGGDRAZIL Group released ‘Home Sweet Home’, a first-person horror adventure game based on Thai myths and beliefs, which has since become popular among gamers around the world.

“Thai ghosts are the most horrible ghosts in the world. I wanted to do something new and I thought the world never had a ghost game before. I believe that games are the best media we can use to disseminate Thai beliefs and culture to the world,” he says. “The first episode received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our major customers for the game are in China, the US, Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

With the great success of Home Sweet Home Episode 1, YGGDRAZIL has recently signed a contract with Ningbo Inception Media from China to produce Home Sweet Home Episode 2 and Number 6 games, and aims to distribute them across the Chinese market.

According to DITP, the value of games exported from Thailand amounted to approximately US$13.86 million (434 million baht) in 2016 and is expected to grow in 2018.

Juwiwat says the company will expand business in overseas markets and expects to generate more revenue from them.

“We are discussing with our potential partners in several countries,” he says. “We may form joint ventures in China and Canada, and work with our partners to provide outsourcing services for Japanese clients.”

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Photo courtesy of YGGDRAZIL Group

Words by Somhatai Mosika

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