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Trade Show

A Legacy of Diamonds

“The heart of our brand is diamonds, design and devotion.” Der Mond, one of Thailand’s best established jewelry brands shares its secret in capturing the heart of diamond lovers and paving the w […]

Inside Asean+

Chainoi: Taking Thai Fruit Snacks to the World

Chainoi: Taking Thai Fruit Snacks to the World

“Whenever consumers want to have delicious Thai fruit snacks, I want them to think about Chainoi.” Top OTOP brand shows how you can turn a fruit price crisis into a promising business adventure. “W […]


Q&A: 5ive Sis

“Each piece of our products is handmade, so it has its own uniqueness, and it is definitely the only one in the world.” Horizon Thailand talks to Titima Anansaringkarn, the director of innovative […]