DITP Seeks to Expand Thai Fruit Exports to Southern China

DITP Seeks to Expand Thai Fruit Exports to Southern China

The DITP and representatives from the private sector, along with Thai universities, participated in the 25th China-Vietnam Border Tourism Festival at Youyiguan in late December. They also attended the China-ASEAN Fruit City opening ceremony.

The aim of the delegation was to expand the trade of fruit from Thailand to China over land through the China-Vietnam border, in accordance with the ‘One Belt One Road’ policy. During the trip, the Chiang Mai Chamber of Commerce and the ASEAN Fruits Import Commerce Chamber signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to ensure further cooperation in the future.

“Thai fruit has an advantage due to its high quality, good taste and diversity,” said Director-General Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat. “As a consequence of this trip, the eight DITP overseas trade offices in China are working on a trade strategy that will boost the exports of Thai fruit to this market.”

In 2016, China imported over 500,000 tonnes of fruit from Thailand, of which 30,000 tonnes was transported through the Youyiguan border crossing.