DITP Targets Ongoing Growth of Lifestyle Exports

DITP Targets Ongoing Growth of Lifestyle Exports

The Ministry of Commerce expects the export value of Thailand’s lifestyle products to exceed US$12.20 billion in 2018.

“During January and February 2018, the export value of lifestyle products showed significant growth with fashion product exports growing 12.27% and lifestyle product exports increasing by 11.19%, compared to the same period last year, due to the strong global economy,” DITP Director-General, Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat, said on April 17, adding that lifestyle products now accounted for 5.1% of total export value.

In 2017, total lifestyle export value – fashion and lifestyle products – was US$12.09 billion. The DITP is confident that Thai lifestyle product exports will grow in all markets, especially in China, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam and Bangladesh, where consumers have higher purchasing power and lifestyle product demand, due to the countries’ economic growth and increasing number of middle and upper classes.