MoC Urges Furniture Makers to Seek New Trade Channels

MoC Urges Furniture Makers to Seek New Trade Channels

DITP Director-General Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat has urged Thai furniture manufacturers to seek new sales channels, citing the example of Baycrew’s Store in Tokyo, Japan that has collaborated with The Knot Yokohama Hotel to display products onsite for hotel guests.

“Letting customers experience furniture and home products first-hand will allow them to understand and make a decision to buy even quicker,” the DITP Director-General said on January 16.

“Thai furniture manufacturers are highly creative and good at developing and making furniture, however, they need to seek new marketing approaches to encourage consumers to trust in the product. One product that is appropriate for this type of display is the water-resistant table, if it is already submerged in the display, it will instantly send a message about the table’s uniqueness and quality.”