Horizon talks to Kotchakorn Techaphonphol, overseas business manager of O-Spa International, on how she created Thai skincare, O-Spa, to flourish in global markets.

“I wanted to take a Thai brand to the international market to show the quality of Thai herbs and Thai wisdom.

Can you tell us a little bit about O-Spa?

After using various foreign brands of skincare, I can recognise what is good and what should be developed. I have sensitive skin myself, so I decided to make my own products and do some branding. I wanted to take a Thai brand to the international market to show the quality of Thai herbs and Thai wisdom. The idea started in 2005, and then we dedicated our time researching and developing our prototype products. Our research and development was based on global standards as we were determined to sell Thai brand overseas. I just wanted to push skincare so that when people talk about Thailand, they think of skincare or spa products as well as food.

How did you come up with your brand name?

After six years, we launched our first product in 2011. As it was soap, we rearranged the letters in the word “soap” to create our brand name. We pulled out the “O” to mimic the “Oh” sound that expresses the feeling of beyond expectation. And then we find the word “spa” hidden in the word “soap”, so it became O-Spa.

What makes your products special?

Quality, safety and giving pleasure are our top priorities. For example, soap is used for cleansing, so it must be clean and not harmful your skin, so that even babies and people with sensitive skin can use it. At the same time, people enjoy the lovely bubbles and sophisticated fragrance that make them smile. Another thing is that we put Thainess into all our products. For ingredients, we add rice, sesame seeds, pomegranates or cucumbers to create texture and strengthen properties. For scents, we extract from Thai flowers, which help us to relax. We are committed to making our products for “everyone, every day and everywhere”.

What is your market?

Our main customers are people who care more about quality than price. Most of our target groups are working people, families and the elderly. We export mainly to Singapore, followed by Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Myanmar, Africa, Australia, India, South Korea, Japan, and also online.

How do you see the Thai spa/skincare industry in general?

Skincare and spa products in Thailand are still growing. We can see that there are many more brands doing these kind of products by adding the properties of Thai herbs. In terms of exports, Thai products could go further if we have a standard of quality and reliability.

What is the future for O-Spa?

This year, we plan to expand our exports to 30 countries – we currently have 16. In addition, we will promote our brands to the domestic market. Our business now is 90% exports and 10% domestic.

How have you benefitted from your involvement with the DITP?

We have received good support from the DITP right from the beginning down to finding business channels. It is like we have a reliable mentor. We have been certified for the second round of T-Mark, and our products have also been selected for the 60Plus Project for the elderly.

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