Thai Silver Exporters’ Association Promotes Exports

With key export markets for Thai silver jewelry in the US, Germany and Hong Kong growing steadily, silver exporters are working hard to woo customers with the charm of Thai jewelry.

Thai jewelry businesses are highly flexible in accommodating buyers’ needs while offering good services and trustworthy products.”

“Before the Thai Silver Exporters’ Association was established, 10 Thai leading silver jewelry companies formed a Silver Club to help members exchange information on marketing, production and management, as well as acting as a mediation centre for intercommunication,” says Vibul Hongsrichinda, President of Thai Silver Exporters’ Association.

After the group had operated its Silver Club for over 12 years, more silver jewelry companies joined the club, thus, the group officially registered itself as the Thai Silver Exporters’ Association or TSEA.

“TSEA has the aim to develop the Thai silver jewelry industry to become the world’s production base and trade centre by working with other public and private sectors to ensure the sustainable growth of the Thai gem and jewelry industry,” says Hongsrichinda.

The association issues industry reports and data, as well as highlighting potential problems within the industry to the association. It also organises seminars, workshops and activities, such as jewelry photography workshops and tax regulation seminars.

“We focus on cooperating with government sectors, especially the Department of International Trade Promotion or DITP to facilitate imports and exports for its members to maximise their competitiveness,” says Hongsrichinda.

The association is part of the Gem and Jewelry Industry Club under the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) and participates in activities held by the Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand in order to steer the silver industry in a positive direction by enhancing the marketing potential and production of Thai businesses as well as developing Thai entrepreneurs’ potential, skills and know-how.

“Silver jewelry from Thailand is famous for its high quality in manufacturing and raw material selection. Moreover, buyers love the unique designs that match the demands of consumers,” says Hongsrichinda.

He adds that Thai jewelry businesses are highly flexible in accommodating buyers’ needs while offering good services and trustworthy products.

“In this industry, marketing is key to selling, and manufacturers should make it a priority to market their products to the right target while keeping up their quality and good design to compete in overseas markets.”

An important platform that offers businesses an opportunity to meet potential buyers as well as seek new industry partnerships is the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair. With the 62nd edition of the fair just a month away, jewelry exporters are already looking forward to join this grand event.

“Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair is a significant event for the silver industry as it offers a trading platform for sellers and buyers from around the world,” says Hongsrichinda. “With special zones, such as the New Faces and the Jewellers, buyers and visitors can explore a huge variety of products, making this fair even more intriguing.”

Experience the heritage and craftsmanship of Thai jewelry at the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair on September 7 to 11, 2018 at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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Words by Pimsirinuch Borsub

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