Urging Thai Entrepreneurs to Do Business in Cambodia

Urging Thai Entrepreneurs to Do Business in Cambodia

The DITP has encouraged Thai entrepreneurs to invest in Cambodia as the country is attracting significant foreign investment.

“Cambodia has offered incentives to foreign investors who use Cambodia as its production base to export products to the world,” DITP Director-General, Chantira Jimreivat Vivatrat, said on July 5. “Thai entrepreneurs should consider investing in the garment industry, where Cambodia is granted tax privileges from its trade partners, as well as consumer products and construction materials which have a rising demand in the country, as it currently does not have enough domestic production capacity.

“Moreover, Cambodia is promoting investment in cement factories in the country and increasing special taxes for imported cement, which may reduce Thailand’s cement exports to Cambodia in the future. Therefore, investing in the neighbouring country may help ease this problem and help Thai products to gain a high market share in Cambodia,” added the Director-General.