Q&A: 5ive Sis

QA: 5ive Sis

“Each piece of our products is handmade, so it has its own uniqueness, and it is definitely the only one in the world.”

Horizon Thailand talks to Titima Anansaringkarn, the director of innovative and successful home decoration brand 5ive Sis, about her inspiration for creating the brand.

Can you tell us something about how 5ive sis started?

Our brand was founded eight years ago by us – five sisters. Formerly, our family did OEM manufacturing of containers and pewter home decoration items for foreign customers. Our generation came up with the idea of founding a brand to enhance our family business, while creating a more contemporary style of home décor items, and allowing us to target new customer groups.

What kind of products does 5ive sis produce?

We create collections of pewter wine glasses and home décor items. Each piece is handmade, so it has its own uniqueness, and it is definitely the only one in the world. Besides being neatly designed, our products are also very functional. You can use them for both decorative and functional purposes. We are also very serious about maintaining the very high quality standard of our products.

Who are your main customers?

Some of our customers are the same as from the factory. Most of them are Chinese, and others are from all over Asia, including Japanese and Taiwanese. As we had an opportunity to work with Italian designers, our customer base has expanded to Europe and America. They love the uniqueness of our products.

How have you benefitted from your involvement with the DITP?

In addition to the DeMark award that we received from DITP in 2015, we also had opportunities to set up showcases at many events in Thailand and other countries. The very first event that put our name on the map was BIG+BIH where we became more recognized, and that changed our business from export only to retail sales in shopping malls around Thailand.

What are your future plans?

We have plans to open shops in China, and then to find partners from other countries who really love our style. We aim to keep developing our designs and to get more customers from different target groups. The most important thing is that we want to maintain our quality, and to become the brand that consistently delivers beautiful and functional products to our customers.

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